Welcome to St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church!

Rev. Msgr. John J. Borcic, Pastor
Rev. Simon-Felix Michalski, O.P. Part-time Associate
Deacon William Weiss 

4924 Bancroft Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63109

News and Announcements

Giving Tree

The tradition continues…

Check out the Christmas Tree in the back of church! On the “Giving Tree”, you’ll find ornaments with gift suggestions for those we hope to help out this year. You can make Christmas a little brighter for someone else by taking an ornament or two off of the tree and purchasing the suggested gift.

Continuing the tradition started some years ago, we’ll include ornaments for: Our Lady’s Inn, Avalon Gardens Nursing Home residents, and SVDP families. We are making up a Christmas gift bag for each of the 70+ nursing home residents, collecting gift cards for SVDP families, and providing a ‘wish list’ of needed baby items for Our Lady’s Inn. (Our Lady’s Inn asks us to bring unwrapped gifts). Thank you and God Bless You for your great generosity in supporting the “Giving Tree” tradition at St. Mary Magdalen.

All gifts need to be placed under the “Giving Tree” no later than 11:30am on Sunday, December 16.  This ensures timely delivery of the gifts before Christmas.



“Happy Homecoming,”
No Divine Intervention required !!

For the 100th Anniversary
of St. Mary Magdalen
Trivia Night

Let’s ALL offer a personal invitation to those parishioners, and their families, whom we haven’t seen for a while. This outreach is important for parishioners and their families, who have moved out of our Parish to attend an evening of St. Mary Magdalen Trivia in celebration of our Parish’s 100th Anniversary. In 2019, across the country, there will be churches celebrating Anniversaries. Our St. Mary Magdalen 100th Anniversary – the evening of the Trivia Night celebration is an opportunity for church parishioners to invite former parishioners and their families to accompany them to our Parish’s recently remodeled school building for a Trivia History Lesson of our Parish.

This is a wonderful time for people to get together, reconnect and socialize with friends and their children that they may not have seen in a while also experiencing a History Lesson of our Parish.
Let’s call this event “a Family Anniversary Reunion.”


Our 100th Anniversary celebration is a time for outreach through personal invitation, via any/all types of social media you are using. Every parishioner is encouraged to set aside that Saturday Night, to invite all of your family members to our Trivia Extravaganza to spend some time enjoying the company of our fellow parishioners, of the past and present, and will be the social event of the year.

Never Forget :
You Are Always Welcome Home!

100 years

Celebrating 100 Years

St. Mary Magdalen Centennial

September 7, 1919 – September 7, 2019

All current and former parishioners are invited to contribute any memories of their time here to be published both in the bulletin and possibly in the anniversary book. Marilyn Muegge and Ellen
Graves will be visiting the homebound to write down their memories.
Please email your memories to Fran Voss at smmadmin@sbcglobal.net or mail to the rectory, or drop off your memories in the Sunday offertory collection addressed to Fran.
If you would like to help with the Centennial Celebration in any way please contact Charlie and Mary Dooling at 314.351.4913

Introducing a Prayer Support Group
at 6:30 PM in the
St. Mary Magdalen Church
with Fr. Simon-Felix Michalski O.P

Dear friends, in order to pray well at home, and at Liturgy, is good to be involved in a prayer group that meets once or twice a month for prayer and support. It is like a support group.  I am beginning such a group here at St. Mary Magdalen.

We will meet every other week beginning August 14th at 6:30 PM in the Church. We will meet for one hour and fifteen minutes each time.

The order of prayer will be:
Intercessory prayer for the Parish (10 minutes)
A teaching about the Mass ( 20 minutes)
A chance to practice Mental prayer or
Contemplative prayer and faith share (20 minutes)
A final intercessory prayer time for our needs
(10 minutes)
This will be a no guilt group, come whenever you can
and don’t worry about when you miss a session.
Come randomly if you want. It is an open group and
there is no need to commit to anything. Just come and
pray with us when you can.

The dates are…
November 27
December 11

You can now support our Parish through Amazon Smile!

Children’s Memorial Website now online. Click Here.

Retiring Old Glory Next July 4th

Old Glory

When the United States flag (Old Glory) becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag, and the flag should be “retired” with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation’s flag.

If someone has an old or unusable American Flag that is no longer fit for display you can BRING it to the school cafeteria during Donut Fellowship on July 2nd or you may place “Old Glory” in the designated basket in Church.

The St. Mary Magdalen Veterans Committee & the First catholic Slovak ladies Association will collect the worn, tattered flags and otherwise unserviceable flags & respectfully destroy them during the Ceremony on July 4th after 9:00 AM Mass. The flags will be placed on a ceremonial pyre and set ablaze.

The St. Mary Magdalen Veterans Committee and The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association are very pleased to provide our citizens with an opportunity to dispose of these flags, many of which they have proudly flown over their homes or businesses for many years.

If you have any questions, or would like to assist, please feel free to contact Joe Miklovic at 353-1062.